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Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing

At FireShield, our normal operating environment is one that is extremely steep, unbearably hot, and often times full of poison oak. Six months out of the year we operate as wildland firefighters, clearing brush, trees, grass and shrubs to halt the progression of wildfires. This makes preparing your home for wildfire a piece of cake!

The others six months of the year we have dedicated to using those same techniques to help our community from falling victim to another wildfire. For those of you who are lucky enough to call Southern California home, you have seen the destruction of wildfire year after year. Wildfire is a factor we have to learn to accept and live with. Providing defensible space through brush clearance is the single most important factor one can do to help firefighter save any structure.  

At FireShield our training comes from years of learning from true professionals making us the fastest in the business. Brush includes overgrown native bushes, plants, vines, small trees, and weeds. If you have a lot or a property that has uncontrolled growth underneath the trees then we can help you clear it.  Brush following are direct benefits from clearing unwanted overgrown brush:

1)    Reduces hazards and vulnerability to wildfires during hot summer months.

2)    Reduces the amount of insects, rodents, and other small mammals that have made the overgrown brush around your property, their home.

3)    Removing unwanted brush will improve the health of the desirable trees by reducing the competition for water and soil nutrients.


The Fire Shield crew did more work in one day than I expected them to do in a week! Their professionalism truly sets themselves apart from the average tree guy!
Hollister Ranch, Goleta

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