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Tree Removal

Healthy and well-maintained trees provide beauty and add value to your property, but sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree due to disease or other factors. Some trees must be removed simply because they are at the end of their lives. A tree’s life span can vary greatly, depending on the variety of tree. If you need expert tree removal services, you can count on the FireShield crew!

Reasons For Tree Removal Include:

1) A tree is dead or dying root and crown rot or other types of disease.

2) A tree has grown too large for the space it occupies.

3) A tree threatens life or property.

4) Aggressive root systems are destroying pools, retaining walls and foundations.

5) New construction in the area/additions or remodels.


Thank you for a job well done! You have a well-run business with your crew and competitive prices. High attention to detail, mindful of neighborhood and wildlife. We will be recommending you to friends.
- Sam K.
Painted Cave Community

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