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Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Tree’s are not meant to be thick, dense, and have no visible branches, at FireShield we prune trees for a purpose. In our opinion a tree's full beauty is only apparent when the structure of the branches are visible. Trees look better and are less of a threat to their surroundings when they are evenly thinned out. Proper thinning allows wind to flow through a tree rather than acting as a brick wall. Most trees have a mind of their own, so a clean and natural look is one often times the healthiest approach when pruning.

As far as tree health goes, all trees benefit from the removal of dead branches as they attract wood-eating insects and fungi. Additionally crossing branches is an important health related issue to address upon early stages of the pruning process. When branches cross and rub together not only does it affect the aesthetic flow of a tree but causes wounds to form on the bark. These open wounds are very appealing to pests. As the crossing branches enlarge over time, so does the problem. At FireShield our knowledgable tree climbers can help you achieve healthy, gorgeous trees! Call us today!


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